Microsoft has a new gadget that everyone needs to know about

Microsoft just announced their latest gadget, and it looks like something out of science fiction. Named HoloLens, the new tech allows users to interact with holograms in their environment, as if these holograms were real objects sitting in front of them. With HoloLens you can do everything from watching TV on your wall to playing video games with holographic characters to conducting business meetings via Skype with people from all over the world. The device is still very much in its prototype phase, but we expect that this cutting-edge technology will be available to the public within the next year or two.

Explaining The Gadget
Microsoft’s Surface Hub is a digital whiteboard with an 84-inch touch screen display and built-in camera for video conferencing. The device is meant for small business owners, educators, and other professionals who regularly need to gather around a large display and collaborate on projects. While it doesn’t come cheap at $20,000, it’s cheaper than some of its competitors like Cisco’s TelePresence or HP’s Sprout. Its stand-alone technology can be expanded with extras like cameras, microphones and webcams. I really love how Microsoft truly works hard to make products that are fit for our daily lives! They don’t want us sitting in front of a computer all day long; they want us moving around, being active, and enjoying life! I think it’s great because most companies today want to do just that. And you know what? This is why Microsoft will always be one step ahead in my book. They always have something new coming out for us every year, and not only does their work inspire me but so does their vision. They are always thinking about ways to better themselves as well as those who use their devices!

Who should buy the Microsoft Holo lens 3 ?
Microsoft is already known for innovation, and it’s not stopping with its release of HoloLens 3. As Microsoft continues to grow as a company, so does its portfolio of products. You can find Microsoft products in nearly every industry — from healthcare and technology, education and entertainment. There’s no doubt they continue to add more innovative products on a regular basis. The upcoming Microsoft Holo lens 3 is one product you don’t want to miss out on adding to your business because once it hits stores there will be no going back! Find out why here!

What are the benefits of the Microsoft Holo lens 3 ?
It can give you a front-row seat at your favorite events and show you things you’ve never seen before. Whether you want to hang out with Sir David Attenborough in Antarctica or watch your child walk her first steps from across town, Microsoft HoloLens 3D glasses will let you immerse yourself in whatever experience takes your fancy. The technology is being showcased for the first time at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019, one of world’s biggest annual gathering of communications industry professionals. Here are five reasons why HoloLens should be on your radar If you’d like to learn more about how useful it is, read on! That’s why I’ve written up a review here. It’ll tell you everything you need to know.

Will I use the Microsoft Holo lens 3 enough?
The Microsoft HoloLens is going to be one of those products I would’ve never expected in my life. This is not just because of how innovative it is, but also because there’s nothing quite like it in existence today. With all that said, however, I can’t help but wonder whether or not I will actually use such a device on a day-to-day basis? The idea behind augmented reality and virtual reality is not an entirely new concept at all. Despite that fact, however, most developers have shied away from releasing these types of devices until now. If you look at what Microsoft brought to market with their HoloLens though you may find yourself wondering why it took so long for such technology to be brought into existence? It’s clear that they are trying to change things up with their newest product. They want to bring something completely new to market and they don’t want people looking back at it as a novelty item either. That being said, however, we still need more information before we can make any real judgments on its viability as a useful tool for consumers. How much do you think you will use your HoloLens once it comes out? Do you think that many people will take advantage of its potential uses in everyday life? What are some ways that Microsoft could improve upon their current design and release something even better next time around?

Not a Microsoft user, why should I care about the Holo lens?
If you aren’t a Microsoft user, why should you care about HoloLens? Well, for starters, there are thousands of Windows developers and partners developing apps for holographic computing. Even if you don’t plan on using Microsoft products yourself in your business or personal life, chances are pretty good that one day in the not-too-distant future those devices will have an impact on your productivity. This post outlines some of those ways. It is written by Matt Loper who is Senior Program Manager at Microsoft and part of his team which works with partners, ISVs (Independent Software Vendors), and other industry influencers. His goal is to help build up excitement around all things Holographic while providing useful information around how they can get started building applications today! The official description: Imagine being able to walk into a room and project 3D content onto any surface—even without HoloLens! While it may sound like science fiction, it’s actually now possible thanks to Microsoft’s latest update to Windows 10: Windows Holographic for Business.

Pricing and Release Date of the Holo lens 2
The Microsoft HoloLens is no more. It’s been renamed as simply, HoloLens 2, and its developer kits will now be known as HoloLens Commercial Suite. While no release date has been announced, it’s expected that you’ll be able to buy HoloLens 2 starting in 2021. And best of all, it will cost much less than you might expect: In addition to getting an augmented reality headset for just $3000 — which is far cheaper than earlier estimates of around $5000 — Microsoft is also going to make sure its devices are much more accessible: both through bundling and through making them available with consumer-grade subscription plans. These could start at around $800 per year on top of your normal subscription costs for cable television or internet.

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